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01:54am 10/03/2004
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02:45am 24/08/2003
  hey kids, guess who's back.  
07:04am 06/10/2002
  i was so suprised to see lhabia is up, and glad that lina has kept it around for so long. i'm 'tshirt'. i didnt update my site for like a year, then just had a short story up.. but last night i started the beginning of a website. i just wanted to post because im dorky and excited. im going to go look at all the other pages now. xoxo korinna  
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08:12am 04/09/2002
  *sticks out her tongue at all the lhabia people  
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10:13pm 26/05/2002
  i'd just like to point out that there's a private forum for special people over at the lhabia boards, now.  
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06:16pm 18/05/2002
  i think it would be fun if we could write
collaborative poems, like maybe using this form to start
off with. i am not too good with java or anything,
but i will try to figure something out; my idea is that it would
be box where people could add lines & press a button &
it would add their text to the existing lines... but maybe we
do not want random people writing poems with us,
as it could get diasterous... hrrm. but it could be fun...
sort of like the storybook thing carolina used to have,
only umm... shorter ;)

a renga is a single tanka written by two authors.
the first writes the triplet, the second writes the couplet response.
a renga chain is a poem made of a sequece of rengas
& composed by a number of authors. the first triplet sets the subject,
the suceeding couplet & all ensuing triplets & couplets amplify,
gloss, or comment upon the first triplet.

* tanka a japanese form. syllabic. the tanka is a single quintet
whose lines consist of 5,7,5,7 & 7 syllables, respectively. it is unrhymed:

1. x x x x x
2. x x x x x x x
3. x x x x x

4. x x x x x x x
5. x x x x x x x

note that the tanka is, in effect, a haiku wth two added lines of 7 syllables
each. [from turco's new book of forms: a handbook of poetics
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08:49pm 18/05/2002
  hey all. im happy this is all up and running...im glad the code finally worked & everything. i hope all you kids get lhabia up and running soon...im not a hostee so i guess im out of the loop (hehe) but keep me posted anyway. ive been going to/lurking/loving lhabia forever and id love to see it flourish again.

xoxo samara (popsicle)
06:30pm 15/05/2002
  //--> one project which i think would really suit lhabia: a reading list or reading group type thing. you know, a website. maybe we could post reviews of different books we've read, read a book every three weeks &then discuss it, things like that? i've never been in a reading group, but one topic on the lhabia ubb which is always fairly popular seems to be reading recommendations.

//--> i have to go now. but erm. i'll be thinking about things.
06:50pm 14/05/2002
  Now I feel like scum because my site is ever-so-dead.

Tell me what I can do with it? I am not worthy.

- Meredith @ still
04:47pm 14/05/2002
  Hurray. I'm here too. I vote for fun as well. Don't know what. But I really love Lhabia. I thought you would all appreciate hearing that.  
01:28pm 14/05/2002
  so let's get something going. it would be nice to see colour and things on lhabia again... maybe
some interactive stuff? nothing silly, but something fun. let's brainstorm ;)

how many of us are there here, though? besides tanis, sylvia, tamika & me?
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11:52am 14/05/2002